Today is brought to you by the Letter 'L'

This week we're looking at the Letter 'L'. Muriel, at 3, still struggles with her 'l' sound erring mostly on the side of a 'y' or 'w' sound instead. (Distinguishing between Lizard and Wizard has been quite troublesome around here lately!)

I've put together a list of Activities which you might find useful and a guide for doing them. I aim to do, maybe, three a day but you've got to remember not to stress if things take longer or not quite as long. I've made sure to factor in oodles of time for 'Free Play' and also 'Chores' too.

The main thing here is don't stress if you don't get as many things done as you'd like. If you've got smaller kids to chase after too, you'll likely not get as many activities done. If someone isn't having a great day, you'll likely not get as many activities done. If you're totally tired because you were up all night with one babe, you'll likely not get as many activities done; AND If the kids just want to PLAY, you'll likely not get as many activities done! And all of those things are ok! Teachers know first-hand that some days you get HEAPS done in the classroom and other days you get barely anything (just like at home) and every time, it's OK 😊

Just remember to have fun! 

Getting Started:

Check out the file at the bottom of the page called 'Activities for L Week' then use the corresponding downloads and explanations below to help you after that. Some activities don't have Downloads because they either didn't lend themselves to them OR I haven't made them yet OR I couldn't be bothered making them yet 🤪 Sorry about that!)

Anyway see how you go, shoot me an email if you need a hand or explanation with anything!


Activity 1: Stories

For this activity the girls and I specifically read a story with a character that had a strong 'L' sound, I chose "Koala Lou" by Mem Fox. We explored lots of element of the story and found 'L' sounds throughout. 

We then looked at some other books we had that had 'L' words in them. For Maude, who's 5, I tasked her with finding words that had 'L' in front - I wanted her to do letter recognition, for Muriel (3) I chose an animal book and asked her to find animals that start with an 'L' sound, rather than looking specifically for the letter.

Activity 2: Handwriting

We did 3 parts to this activity and each took a good amount of time.

- We had a go at practicing the letters in the activity sheets (Handwriting sheet)

- We then explored the formation of the letter L by collecting leaves from the garden and gluing them onto a large L (L is for Leaf)

- We then used Lego to create the letter L and words with L like Lego and Lion

Activity 3: Fork Mane Lion

Using the printout circle for a face the girls used yellow and orange paint, and a disposable fork (although a regular fork would be ok as you could wash the paint off easily) and the prongs 'printed' a spiky mane. They then drew faces for their lions, Muriel made sure hers was very 'roary' she said.

Activity 4: Music - Loud and Soft

We're lucky in this house to have a music room which has some lovely percussion instruments but you don't specifically need instruments to explore the ideas of loud and soft. We listened to the song 'Sleeping Bunnies' which talks about bunnies sleeping and then you wake them up - we played our instruments softly when the bunnies were sleeping and then loudly when the bunnies woke up.

Activity 5: Love Activities

Explained in the worksheet

Activity 6: Homemade Lemonade

Explained in the worksheet

Activity 7: Length 

We completed the different activities over different days. Each are explained in the worksheets.

Activity 8: Letter Formation Play

We used the large printed L with playdough, stamps, paint and then lines, decorating it, making it and a whole range of other things at the same time.

Activity 9: PE - Left to Right

For this I decided to get the girls to cross their body and explore their left and right. We used balls, rolling it left to right (and back); we played 'Miss Mary Mack' hand claps to cross our body; and even used a skipping rope, jumping from left to right talking about the sides of our body too.

Activity 10: Kids Yoga

Explained in the video

Activity 11: Location of Family

The girls are keen to know where places are so I used this and we talked about different countries and wher some of our relatives are. They also know of places like The Eiffel Tower and so we plotted these on their maps too.

Activity 12: Lollipop

Another craft activity as my girls love craft, we used small scrunched up pieces of tissue paper and glue to decorate our lollipops.

Activity 13: Create a Lighthouse

This one I just made sure my husband didn't throw out the recycling and I let them go. I needed to help Muriel a little with the sticky-tape but otherwise it was their design.

Activity 14: Living things

We have an Usbourne book 'The Body Book' which the girls love. We chatted about what makes us living by looking through the book (theres even a page about germs, so we touched on the virus keeping us at home too) and then traced their bodies on our huge roll of butchers paper, labelling and adding some our body parts like heart and lungs, and limbs etc.

Activity 15: Letters to Loved Ones

Pretty self-explanatory that one.