Create with Clay

Just a one off activity here. For this one we used Air-Drying Clay. I've got a few old doilies from our various Grandmas and I thought we'd put some of them to use. For this activity we played with the clay for a while, it's quite different to 'playdough' which my girls are use to, it's a lot firmer and it certainly gets on your hands more! They had a good time exploring the texture, cutting, rolling etc. 

Then we rolled out our pieces into a circle and began to print. I made sure the circles sayed a bit under 1cm tick but no less than 0.5cm in case they cracked while drying. Maude decided she'd shape her circle into a heart and printed onto that, Muriel kept her circle. We needed fabric doilies we found (we did have paper ones too, but they were too thin to really imprint the clay) The girls also used some of the playdough tools we have at home, skewers etc. too to make patterns. 

They're now in the process of drying and I've poked a hole in each of them. We'll let them dry completely then paint them with some poster paint and hang them on the girls walls.

If you're looking for clay, I thought Kmart had some but could only find this variety online (it would still work similarly but you'll have to bake it in the oven, no painting too). Or, the kind we used is at Spotlight here. Both places have home delivery so no leaving the house!  👍🏻